Rouge Pur Couture

Pure Colour - Satiny Radiance - Couture Finish

Rouge Pur Couture

Rouge Pur Couture

Pure Colour - Satiny Radiance - Couture Finish
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195 AED
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Description & Benefits
Since 1978, the iconic ROUGE PUR COUTURE lipstick is the manifesto of a free and audacious femininity that breaks the rules to reinvent them.

A wardrobe of pure and emblematic colours: the reds, the oranges, the fuchsias, the nudes.
Pure and intense colours. Lasting comfort.
Results / Finish / Effect
A satiny finish and powerful colours in one lipstick. Thanks to its micro-pigments and active ingredients, Rouge Pur Couture delivers a creamy and nourishing texture on your lips for intense and audacious colours.
Make-up, Beauty, Red, Lips, Couture, Satined, Colours, Lipstick, Iconic
How To Apply
Three application tips for three couture results:

- For a precise and sophisticated finish: apply the lipstick with a brush.

- For a discrete and refined finish: pick up some colour with your fingertips and dab the texture onto your lips.

- For an intense and stylish finish: apply the colour directly with the bullet.