Libre Eau De Parfum 90ml Value Set

Libre Eau De Parfum 90ml Value Set

Libre Eau De Parfum 90ml Value Set


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Description & Benefits
Libre Eau De Parfum 90ml

LIBRE, the new eau de parfum by Yves Saint Laurent, the freedom to live everything with excess.

The perfume of a strong, bold and free woman experimenting her freedom extremely. The first floral lavender. The tension between the burning sensuality of an orange blossom from Morocco & the boldness of a lavender from France with a feminine twist. A singular trail like a breath of freedom.

GIFT:Rouge Pur Couture x Zoe Kravitz #121

Edgy meets cool for the hottest couture collaboration ever. Zoë Kravitz revisits Rouge Pur Couture. Designing exclusive new shades in a utterly beautiful pack.

Bold. Bright. Stylish. Want it. Wear it.

ARLENE’S NUDE No 121 – a satiny radiance, a beautiful rosewood nude named after Zoë’s grandmother. “She was just such a beautiful woman. And she always wore very simple to no makeup, so this feels appropriate for her.”

GIFT: Black Opium Scented Candle 75gr (**Until stock lasts**)
How To Apply
Three application tips for three couture results:

- For a precise and sophisticated finish: apply the lipstick with a brush.

- For a discrete and refined finish: pick up some color with your fingertips and dab the texture onto your lips.

- For an intense and stylish finish: apply the color directly with the bullet.

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